I was tagged!

The amazing J-J tagged me with 7 random or weird facts about myself. How fun. So let's see.

1. I have hyper-extended knees, so standing has always been a challenge. At concerts, I often am in so much pain afterwards that it is difficult to walk--I only recently figured out that it is because I bounce backwards on my hyperextended knees instead of bending them to the beat.
2. I love data entry. I have loved my office jobs where it is just me and the computer entering things and not talking to anyone. I love seeing a beginning and an end of a stack of paper.
3. I know I have mentioned before here my love of picking fleas off of cats, but I must mention it again. If I know a cat has fleas, I cannot stop picking them off (and yes, I have a method for killing them, too.) I have a gift--I can touch a cat and tell if it has fleas. I also have very little control over this; it is an addiction. When we are in MS, I often sneak off to pick fleas and just clear my mind. Sometimes when I am super stressed out, I daydream about picking fleas off of cats.
4. I am blessed with a lot of friends. This is wonderful. However, I almost always feel like I am a terrible friend to most of them because I don't have the time I need or want to give to them.
5. My brother and I can communicate in an almost secret Reid language. I know this isn't unusual for siblings, but considering that we are well into adulthood, it is a joy that we still have it. And we can make each other double over laughing my saying the most random of things. We are both exactly the same and yet polar opposites.
6. Because of my long and tumultuous history with the Nutcracker Ballet, I, in a Pavlovian response, burst into tears or have a panic attack whenever whenever I hear any song from it. I have tried to overcome this for the last 12 years. I am attempting to again this year by confronting it headfirst in the DADA show.
7. I have attended an unbelievable number of funerals. So many, that I know that I couldn't remember them all to count.
8. I hate plots. Give me a movie or a show where they just sit there and talk and I am a happy clam.

There. I even threw in a bonus. That was hard to think of, for some reason, though. I think most things about me are weird or random, but to me they are just normal. Tra la la.

Chee! I am not gonna tag, but if you wanna join in, pretend I tagged you and then do it!