Apes Finale!!


Impress These Apes closes tonight!! Who is going to win?! What are they going to do?! Will anyone get naked?! It is anyone's game!!

Impress These Apes
The Lakeshore Theatre
Monday, November 10

When I was in Apes, I remember having no clue what to do for my finale performance for the 2 weeks leading up to the big event. I thought about shaving my head to make up for my crummy performance in the Performance Art Protest week and to make an anti-cancer statement. If I won the money, I was going to give it to Mom and Dad to help cover medical bills. But that was a little too emotional for me, so on the night before the show, I decided to go for a simple idea that was even more meaningful. Since I can remember, my dad and I always played this game where we would take the name of an animal and the word "shit" and swap out the first letters of the word (example: Shonkey Mit). Without fail, we would always erupt into giggles and we would try to come up with more and more clever animals, laughing until we were crying and in pain. We seriously played this from I was a little girl up to right before he died. I got my friend Ben Taylor to play the bass, and voila! My performance was made. I am so so proud of this performance--it was so personal and meaningful to me, some of the audience got it, a lot of others didn't. Two of the judges didn't get it either--I got two 10s and two 8s. It just goes along with the advice that I have given the current contestants--do something that you feel good about, not what you think will please the Apes.

I wish all the current contestants the best of luck, and I cannot wait to see what happens tonight!!! Impress These Apes!!

UPDATE: Congratulations Seth Dodson! You rock!


I had forgotten just how brilliant that piece was. I hope tonight's Apes contestants can bring something half as amazing.

Hi! That piece was awesome. I hope all went well to night.

Rest well!