Things keep chugging along


How bout this year, huh? I can happily say that for the first time all year, things are going pretty well! It is awesome and it feels great. However, I am also realistic (and newly cynical) and know that this could go away at any minute, so I am going to enjoy the good while I have it. For a while, I was mourning the loss of many things, too many to get into here, and I carried a lot of burden on my shoulders. But I started working on shows again, and I found a lot of my joy again! I remembered that I LOVE producing shows, and I am sort of good at it, and it has been great to get my mind on something other than the family strife we've had this year. It's funny how adding more to my plate has helped me handle everything in a bigger picture. Plus, mom has been doing a lot better these last couple of weeks, and that makes a HUGE difference to me. When she is sick, I am miserable. So it has been nice to have a break from that, after several months of struggling.

Memaw Bane has decided to stay in the nursing home now for good, which is great because she is getting constant care, social interaction and meals. The current task at hand is that we have to clean out her house, which is a huge undertaking and not a fun one at that. Fuzzy and I are going down the second week of September to do what we can to haul, dump, divvy and sell. Wish us luck!

We closed Don't Spit the Water last Saturday and it was bittersweet. I was pretty much overwhelmed and cried a lot (surprise!). It was great and we went out with a bang. We're running now with Impress These Apes production, so we have plenty to stay occupied with.

Speaking of shows closing, Pastor of Muppets will be having their final show this Friday, August 15th, before becoming an Emeritus Member Team at the Playground. Come see them! 8pm.

Jeff and I choreographed a few dances for the current Stir Friday Night show "Horry Cow! That's Lacist!" running for the next few weeks at the Skybox Fridays at 7:30. I love working with those guys.

There are a few other projects in the works, too, that I'll hopefully be able to write more about later.

That's my update! As always, thanks for your patience between posts and if you haven't seen me in a while!


you are a very cute person.

Horry Cow! We are cracking up.