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Upcoming Shows!

Man oh Man!
It is time again for another installment of "When-Does-Erica-Sleep?" aka--My Upcoming Shows. If you have been wondering why you haven't seen me in ages, well--wonder no more!

SINema Smutty Comedy and Comic Smut
This show is a riot to be a part of. We will be screening cheesy 70s Boobie and Sexploitation films, while playing games, drinking, and making snarky (but hilarious!) commentaries. Featuring Shaun Himmerick, Jared Logan, Andrea Swanson, and myself. Chosen as a 'Best Bet' by MetroMix in today's (1/26/06) print editions--so pick up a Red Eye or a Trib!
Fridays at 11:00 pm (current run: Jan 27-Feb 24)
starting January 27th
Improv Kitchen
3419 N. Clark Street
Produced by Lavender Cabaret and FuzzyCo
Directed by Fuzzy Gerdes

Dido, Queen of Carthage
This show just amazes me. The next of the Camenae shows, Dido is filled to the gills with an amazing cast and crew--it is truly going to be spectacular. Honestly, I am honored to be a part of the show. This is classic drama with a new spin, done only as the Camenae can. I will be playing Mercury, winged messenger of the gods.
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm
February 16- March 18th
Sundays at 2:00pm on February 26 & March 5th
Indian Boundary Fieldhouse
2500 W. Lunt Ave (take the Western bus to Lunt Avenue, or cab it)
$15 (discounts for students, seniors, and groups)
Directed by Sara Keely McGuire

Don't Spit the Water
Hooray for DSTW! We've been going strong for over a year now, and I couldn't be more proud or happy! 2006 is an all new year for us, with new bits and comedians, but with the tried and true DSTW humor. Fuzzy and I will be doing new characters this Saturday, January 28th, so don't miss it! Also, premiering soon will be an all new musical and dance explosion featuring the DSTW cast, choreographed by Jeff Gandy and myself. So hilarious.
Saturdays at 10:30pm (open run)
Fuzzy and I will be performing January 28th & February 11th
The Playground Theatre
3209 N. Halsted
$12 ($10 with print-out coupon from the website)
Make a reservation! We've been selling out!
For fun things to look at:
Photo Gallery from recent photo shoot (featuring Cutie Bumblesnatch)
Fun Randomness:
www.talkinfunny.com (make sure to check out the Tribute to Basketball)

KOKO is still going strong, and we are still kicking ass. KOKO is Rebecca Hanson, Megan Hovde, Jane Menendez, Andrea Swanson, and Myself. These are my favorite gals to perform with!
Saturday Feb 11th
Friday March 10 (I will not be performing)
8:00 pm
The Playground Theatre
3209 N. Halsted

Belmont Burlesque Review
This is one of my favorite shows in Chicago. Dancing, singing, comedy, magic, boobies--what's not to love? Fuzzy and I every now and again perform our style of dirty comedy, plus I have recently had the honor of choreographing a few dances for the Belmont Bombshells (including a brand spanking new intro dance premiering Feb 25th!)
Saturdays (usually the last Saturday of the month)
January 28th, February 25th
About a quarter after midnight (get there early--it tends to sell out)
The Playground Theatre
3209 N. Halsted

Hope to see you at one or all of them!!



The story of Midgetbusdriver goes like this: Upon my moving to Chicago almost 6 years ago, I suffered from severe separation anxiety from my 2 best friends, Erica and Sara. Therefore, we made lots of 3-way calls. One night, we when all 3 of us were AOL subscribers, we tried to come up with as many random usernames as possible for each of our 5 possible screennames. The brainstorming was hilarious and brilliantly created some of these gems: donkeybasketball, frontalthong, nardotwoshoes, pickyourafro, chickenlipstick, etc. Sara at one point said, "Midgetbusdriver....you know, cause you never see those." And thus the email, screenname, and later website was born.

For Christmas this year, Fuzzy showered me with many wonderful presents (as always). One particularly amazing one is this:

Midget Bus Driver by Ces

Yes, that is in fact, a midgetbusdriver. Yes, it was created especially for me.

The artist is Francesco Marciuliano, of www.DrinkatWork.com (with the Web Comic Medium Large http://www.drinkatwork.com/mediumlarge.html) and Sally Forth (writes the dialogue) fame.

I feel so special.