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Using What We Have

It's no secret that Fuzzy and I have a lot of stuff. Of all kinds. I am having a lot of house guests in the next few weeks, so Fuzzy and I are using this week to straighten up and get some stuff done. Looking around the house tonight, I am a little overwhelmed. There is stuff everywhere. And so much of what we have is stuff that we don't use. And yet, we keep buying new things. Now, some of the things we buy is good quality stuff that will last forever, but a lot of it is also just unnecessary. So as of tonight, I am going to start an experiment: I am going to do an inventory through the year of things that I have and actually USE them. Clean my closet so I can wear more of my clothes. Watch the movies I have. Read the books. Cook the food in my cabinets.* Use the bath products.** Drink the liquor. Hang the art. And I bet that I will gain a new-found appreciation for the things that I have, and I hope to save a little money, too.***  And if there is something that we don't need or use, then we will find another home for it, whether it is by selling it, donating it, or giving it to someone who needs it.****

Yeah! Let's do this!

*I will continue to buy fresh foods, like milk, veggies, and meat.
**My skin has become really sensitive to a lot of bath products and toiletries, so I might actually end up dumping what we have and getting some new oil-free, non-scented, hypoallergenic stuff, which can get expensive. It sucks, cause I love bath products, but the painful zits all over my body have got to go (Sexy, huh?)
***We still have a good portion of credit card debt that I would love to get rid of, especially after the car crap we dealt with this year. And I would like to be able to afford to visit my brother in a couple years.
****Speaking of my brother, thinking about Africa so much lately has really made me feel like the greedy, selfish American that I am. I have so much, while so many have so little.