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The Plucky Show - Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 9:00 PM

The Lancasters - Photo by Oomphotography
Photo of the Lancasters by Oomphotography

Erica and I will be returning as Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster (err, contra-respectively) in Alisa Rosenthal’s The Plucky Show. This is the final show of this run, so may be your last chance ever to see Mrs. Lancaster coach Plucky in the “The Big Move” and Mr. Lancaster prep Plucky in the fundamental theatrical art of elocution.

Tickets are $20, but because you’re my special friend you can use the code “pluckateer” for 2-for-1s, or if you get dinner at Irazu before the show and bring your receipt, you can see the show for $10.

The Plucky Show
Gorilla Tango Theatre
1919 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Erica Reid

Erica Reid


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