Reason 3,845,162 I have a Magical Life

Back when we started SNORF, a few months in, I had an anxiety dream about the show. There was a video that I didn't remember filming. Puppets were missing. And there was a sketch that we had in the show that I did not remember anyone writing and that we had not rehearsed. It was called the Lotion Sketch.

I shared this with my cast. They then proceed to, month after month while setting up, slip in at least one reference to it, most commonly, "Oh, did anyone print out the Lotion sketch?"

Without fail.

Each month.

It was awesome.

We've decided to close this open run of SNORF, after a 2 year off and on run of a new show every month. We are going to switch our focus for a little while, while still generating material. This Saturday will be our last show in its current incarnation.

So, for our last month, guess what Adam in the cast wrote?

The Lotion Sketch.

And it is glorious.

Come see it this Saturday at 11am at the Side Project Theatre on Jarvis.

It's going to be great.

(but it will also be rehearsed, thankfully)