She's Crafty on Halloween Kickin' It Live!

I love Halloween, yet for some reason, I never know how to do it right. I'm not the biggest party-goer, I hate scary things, and I always want trick-or-treaters, but rarely get them. I am really good at having high hopes for a spooky fun Halloween and then have it be a total bust. So this year, when we were approached with a gig on Halloween night with She's Crafty, it was the PERFECT SOLUTION.

I LOVE playing with She's Crafty. For this life-long Beastie Boys fan, it really is a dream come true. So to have a gig on Halloween night was ideal. The show was free and easy to get to, so it was the perfect party to invite friends to, too.  We decided to do costumes--different era Beasties for Act I and Sabotage Beasties for Act II.

For Act I, I decided to go Intergalactic video.


I figured it would be relatively easy to put together, and in fact, it was. The whole thing cost me about $11 total ($5 for the suit, $5 for the duct tape to make the vest straps, and $1 for the hat.)


For the second act, we did all Sabotage.

My favorite part of the Sabotage video is "and Fred Kelly as Bunny."


It has always been my favorite part of the video. I love Bunny, and all 2 seconds he's in the video. Since, as DJ in She's Crafty, I am essentially DJ Hurricane, it only makes sense that I be Bunny for the show. I took an old shirt of Dad's and modded it to be for Bunny.


I had all the pieces and parts for this costume, and didn't need to spend a dime.


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The show was a total blast! It was packed, it was hot, people danced and sang along with us, and we all partied hard. I had a lot of friends come out, which was super exciting. It was a great time.


I also made my rap debut, doing the Q-Tip part of "Get it Together." It was so fun. I've known that part since the song came out in 1994, and I had a blast coming out from behind my laptop to rock it with the ladies.

My DJ name is DJ ENRG, because those are the coolest initials in the history of the world (Erica Noelle Reid Gerdes.)  I really lucked out there--I really love my name. The night before the show, Fuzzy was helping me put together some adapters and cords, and he said "Oh, there's one more cord that you need for the show" and then he gave me a small box. This is what was in it.


I totally cried. Such an amazing gift! I love it sooooo much. I will wear it for every She's Crafty show from here on out, and most days in between. I have the most amazing partner in the history of the world.

All in all, it was an amazing Halloween, the best I've had in years.

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