Let's Put Weird Stuff on TV

Because we at Blewt! can't sit still for over 5 minutes, today we've launched an epic fundraising campaign for a 26 episode second season of Steve Gadlin's Star Makers. We are going big this go round, filming in a state-of-the-art studio and potentially pitching to television buyers from all over the world. It's no secret that this show is amazing, and it is a project I am incredibly proud of. We are using this kickstarter to not only get support from our friends and family, but also secure larger advertising sponsors.

Take a look at our video, won't you?

There are lots of things in the world that need your support. And yes, this is just a silly comedy show. But the world needs to laugh, and we all need a reason to smile. So please take a look at the page and consider donating.

Thank you!