Soundgarden and NIN

Last week started my 3 week party summer week, and it has been EPIC. I went to 2 Phish shows last weekend, and last night was Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. Tonight and tomorrow night, I have 2 bachelorette parties, then Tuesday is mine and Fuzzy's 8 year wedding anniversary. The 2 mile Lake Superior swim is next weekend. Plus, we are doing Apes Monday nights and I am still in Rack of Khan rehearsals. Non-stop rocking.

The show last night was interesting--Soundgarden and NIN are co-headling this tour, so they are each playing an hour 20 minute set. It was fun to look at folks before the show to see where their alliance was--were they in a Soundgarden or a NIN Tshirt? I was of course proudly rocking my Soundgarden tank top. Soundgarden went first, and it was still daylight outside. The crowd wasn't into it, and the light made the screens hard to see. They played a lot of tracks from Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, and only 1 from Down on the Upside. Matt Cameron wasn't there, and while it was a good show, it wasn't GREAT. But I will take a less-than-great Soundgarden show over no Soundgarden show, and Megan and I had a great time rocking out.

Me and Megan

Cassie and Miranda


Sea of black tshirts and hoodies. I felt at home.

Jesus Christ Pose

The Day I Tried to Live. Holy crap, watching that again makes me so happy.

My bro gave me a hard time for wearing a Soundgarden shirt to a Soundgarden concert, but Chris Cornell did it, too, so...

Then NIN started. And holy moly, was it awesome.

Like, REALLY awesome.

It was a high energy rocking show with amazing lights and great audio and it just ROCKED. I've always liked Nine Inch Nails, but now I think I LOVE them.

FUN FACT! Both Soundgarden and NIN had songs covered by Johnny Cash.
FUN FACT #2: For Rack of Khan, I almost made the LoCuteUs/Picard/Borg number to Rusty Cage (I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run) but instead decided on Head Like a Hole (I'd rather die than give you control.)

It was a fun night out with good music and good friends! And then hours and hours in the car on the way home, which I will blame on the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert and construction.