Chicago Reader Review for Rack of Khan

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"Kling on me," purrs Captain James T. Kirk as she leans up against a tassel-breasted Lieutenant Worf in Gorilla Tango's The Rack of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque. In director Erica Reid's final frontier, the crew of the starship Enterprise have had their male parts beamed away by Khan, arch-enemy of Kirk; as the captain, Sheri Blossom projects Shatner's glorious cluelessness from inside Jennifer Garner looks. Trekkies looking for TV-series in-jokes won't find many, but may not care in the face of the booty-shaking enthusiasm of the all-female cast--especially a wild striptease from Evelyn Tensions's Worf. Reid's choreography drives the enjoyably wacky plot without eclipsing the cast's adeptness with puns. Nor does the show shy away from the command "Set phasers to stun." --Chloe Riley