Sweetie Maude


The Satanist Stylist of State Street is going to be at Studio Be Thursday nights at 7:30pm from September 26th to Halloween night.  That means we open this week!

There are a million reasons to see this show. It is hilarious. The music is gorgeous. It is written by the lovely Sabrina Harper and the darling Margaret Hicks. The costumes are stunning (thank you, Jean, for the help!), and the set and props are to die for (pun intended). The actors are amazing, including the wonderful and talented and beautiful Rebecca Hanson in the title role. I guarantee you with laugh and get chills and maybe even cry if you are the type to do that. And if you like Sweeney Todd, something tells me you will like this, too...

Tickets are $15. Show time is 7:30pm. Buy tickets online here!

See you there!