Some thoughts the day before Triathlon Weekend

This time last year, I was a machine. I was so well trained for the international distance triathlon, and I had already completed 2 sprints earlier in the summer.

This, not so much.

It's been a busy summer. Travels, rehearsals, lifestyle changes, no training partner. Last year's summer goal WAS the triathlon, and this year's goal has been to live as much as possible and do as much as I can. Last year, I signed up cause I wanted to, this year I signed up cause it seemed like something I should do. Last year, I had someone keeping me accountable to training. This year, I went about it solo. This year, I compared myself and my dedication to Fuzzy's drive and dedication, which is stupid, cause he is training for a freaking Iron Man. This year, I priortized sleep. I trained, sure, but not to the extent that I should. I never did a brick day. I never went over my distance (1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run) for any one event. I am ok with that. I've had other things going on.

I am ready for this weekend to be over so I can stop feeling guilty for not training.

But there is no should, really. Should I have been training more? Who is to say? If I am ok with my level of training, then eff what anyone else says I should or should not do. I will be fine. I know I can do it. It will be hard, but I will do it. And I will have fun doing it and feel amazing afterwards. And then I will be able to breathe easier knowing I don't have this frickin' endeavor floating over my head.

I'll post an update here afterwards, but if you want to track my progress or whatever or whatever, tomorrow in the Supersprint I am #429 in Wave 9 and Sunday in the Sprint I am #1725 in Wave 12.

And who knows, maybe this guy will make an appearance:beard lady.jpg