Training Day 1

It turns out that even if earlier in the year, you were training for a 10 mile race, if you essentially take a month off, you have to start from scratch all over again. So today, I went for my first official training run in preparation for the Chicago Sprint Triathlon. I chose the sprint this year instead of the international because I have a busy couple of months ahead of me and I know my limits. So today, even though I put it off and put it off, I suited up and went out for a run in the summer rain. It was just a light sprinkle and it smelled so good outside and it actually felt like summer (since a lof of our days these days have been in the 50s and 60s.) I was out for 34 minutes, mostly running, but doing some walking due to a weakness in my left knee. I need to get on the bike again--it's been since last year's triathlon since I've ridden--and I can't wait to swim in the lake. Come on warm weather!