Running Update 5.16.13

What a week!

So I ran 7 miles (what what?!) on Saturday--the furthest I have ever run! I ran with Claire and it was awesome and fun and sort of easy (except for the part where I ran out of fuel.) However, I was CRACKED THE EFF OUT the rest of the day, to the point where someone told me later I was a one woman sitcom. I was so tired and sore and miserable. Plus, I was all lady-times the next day, which makes me freaking exhausted and sore anyways. So I was a piece of work for a few days.

Cut to Monday, when I taught a wedding first dance for a couple. IT WAS AWESOME. They are an amazing couple, and they picked the dance up like a dream. The dance, however, is REALLY aerobic, and I haven't taught in ages, so it was a hard core 2 hour dance session on a concrete and linoleum floor. No big, right?

Tuesday morning, I was dead tired. I knew I had to run 5 miles so I forced myself to get up and try. It was one of the hardest "runs" of my life. I probably only ran about .5 miles, and then walked another 2.5. Once I was halfway out, I wanted to cry cause I knew the getting home was going to be really hard. I made it home, but felt like a failure. I convinced myself that at least I had tried.

Cut to Tuesday evening, 7:45. I get up to go to a meeting, and there is a searing pain in my tailbone. Cut to 8:15 at said meeting, and I am in so much pain, that I can't sit still. I try to stretch to make it stop, and there is no relief. By the time I get home, I can barely walk. The pain made me toss and turn and wince all night.

It was still intense yesterday, so much that I took ibuprofen, and it takes a LOT to get me to take any sort of drug or pain killer. I was just moving slowly all day.

Then today, it was all gone.

I was scared to make it flair up again, so I decided to take today's run easy. I did a brisk 2 mile walk and ran another mile, off and on. I am doing 8 on Saturday. For the first time, I am a little bit nervous, but I bet everything will be fine. I'll do it like a champ, then take it easy next week, then rock the hell out of that 10 miles next Saturday.



Note1: It was so hot today! I loved it. I was wearing too many clothes, though.
Note2: I took Ashley's advice and listened to comedy for most of the run. It was fun!  The only problem, though, is that BEING a comedian, I had to know who each new segment was, if I couldn't tell by their voices. Therefore, every time a new clip started, I gave it a second, then unzipped my race belt, pulled out my phone, and looked. So while it was good to get my mind off of other things, it added its own layer of complications.