Training Update

My dear beloved husband made me a training schedule for both the Shamrock Shuffle (5 miles April 7th) and the Soldier Field 10 (10 miles May 25th), and it has been incredibly helpful in knowing how much I am supposed to run when. I am feeling good about my training these days. We joined the Park District gym half a block from our house, so I have been able to run on a treadmill indoors. The only problem is that there is a 30 minute limit (and the treadmills are in demand a lot), so I can't run over 2.5 miles there. The good news is that with the treadmill, I am able to track how fast I am running and the miles I am putting in, and I am happy to say that my speed is increasing. This weekend, however, I am going to have to put in some time outside in the cold. I am learning, though, the best times for me to go when the gym is a little less crowded (9:15am and noon on weekdays are the best times.) Also, the gym has some great weight machines, so I've been able to work my arms, too. It's totally affordable, so I might consider keeping up the membership, when when it is sunny and awesome outside. Oh man, won't sunny and warm be incredible?

We also have some fun races coming up, like the Rave Run, Foam Fest and Ragnar!