If I have a weakness for anything, it's for concerts. Especially so when it is for bands I am obsessed with. Thus, concert number 3 of SOUNDGARDEN. I am making up for lost time.

Soundgarden 2013

(The show was at the Riv, though Chris Cornell kept saying we were at the Vic. In his defense, they do look the same on the inside.)

I went with my best girl Hanson, as she shares the same obsession I do (on many levels of pop culture) and neither of our husbands care for the band. We met up for a quick bite, and then stood in the rain along with some new friends we made at the pizza place.

Soundgarden 2013
Rebecca has a tradition of taking a photo with your concert stub. Which is great, cause the scan machine was down at the venue, and they ripped all the goods off of that ticket when we entered. Photo by Rebecca Hanson.

Soundgarden 2013
Photo by Kevin or Joe. Look at those hotties!

Oh man, It. Was. Amazing. I mean, I zone out at a Soundgarden concert.  I get sent back to being a teenager, and I just let it all go. I danced, I sang, I smiled, I was on another level. It was amazing. It felt amazing to just rock and not think.

We opted for an elevated spot at the front on a rail, which was awesome for 3 reasons. 1) We could see the stage beautifully. 2) No one was in front of us. 3) We had our own private bartender sort of. He was on the level below us, and when he wasn't slinging drinks, he was playing air-guitar and singing along. We highfived a lot. He was awesome.

Soundgarden 2013

Damn, can these men rock. It. Was. Amazing.

Soundgarden 2013

Soundgarden 2013

New Songs. Old Songs. Perfection.

Oh yeah, and Chris Cornell. He's pretty ok, too, I guess.

Soundgarden 2013Soundgarden 2013

Last 2 photos by Rebecca Hanson

I feel at home at a Soundgarden concert, as it is bunch of folks in their mid to late 30s wearing all black. My people! Rebecca noticed that there weren't a lot of women there, especially not a lot of women there not with their husbands or boyfriends. The fact that we were 2 kickass ladies who have seen the band multiple times there without men made us feel pretty badass. Yeah, we know we're cool.

Set list here!