Coolio Run, I mean, the Hell Run

When I got the email months ago about the Hell Run, I instantly emailed Shaun and Fuzzy and we all agreed that it was too good to be true--the post-race party was going to be Coolio. WHAT?! COOLIO!? Shaun has the Coolio Library "READ" poster in his office! So we all signed up and have been counting the days til we saw Coolio in concert/ did another fun mud run with obstacles.

Before the race! Ready to go!

The timing of this race was perfect in that it was a nice easy and fun run to blow off steam post triathlon insanity.

The bibs were cool in that you could personalize your nickname!
DJ ENRG Baron Fuzzystein

Erica and Fuzzy
It was also awesome in that it wasn't super early in the morning.

Fuzzy Erica
Pre-race chillin.

The race was SO MUCH FUN. A 5K at a horse racetrack, with a number of mud obstacles, including lots of water pits with mud hills you had to climb up and down. The only problem is that is that the mud had a lot of sticks in it (literally a stick in the mud) so sliding down on your ass was very dangerous, and I now I have a HUGE SWOLLEN GIANT cut on my right lower ass cheek that hurts when I walk or sit on hard porcelain surfaces...if you get my drift. But I signed a waiver, so I can't complain too badly.
Shaun, Erica, and Fuzzy

We climbed over cars!
Jazzercise: Real Results. Pure Fun.
(JAZZERCISE! It's BACK, baby!)

Horse starter gates!
Erica and the Starter Gates

Erica and the Tunnel Splashers
I was doing good only getting my feet wet with this one, until these guys came by and splashed the hell out of everything. At the end of the tunnel they said "That wasn't very nice of us." I love it.

 Erica, Mudder
Mud pit!
Tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, tunnel...
Queen of the mud!

There were 2 obstacles I skipped, both involving climbing giant walls. I know myself and how I I am climbing tall things, so I thought it best to skip them. But Fuzzy and Shaun did it!

While running near the stage, we saw Coolio chillin in his tent! I called his name and he did a nice muscle pose for us. Yeah!
Coolio, Chilling Before His Show Erica, Tire Runner-Througher
Tire obstacle!

Wall Climbing
Yet another wall I didn't climb.

And then, the BEST one--JUMPING OVER FIRE!! Shaun, Fire Jumper Fuzzy, Fire Jumper Erica, Fire Jumper

That was right near the finish, so we collected our medals and went over just in time to catch... Coolio at Hell Run Chicago

How do you feel about it, Erica?
Erica and Coolio

How do you feel about it, Fuzzy and Shaun? Fuzzy, Shaun, and Coolio

It was a super fun show, and super weird, and super white (audience), and super awesome. Coolio at Hell Run Chicago Coolio at Hell Run Chicago

They gave us capes at the finish, so at one point during Gangsta's Paradise, he ran off stage to go get his, and then he came on stage and ripped his shirt off and through it into the audience. I was thisclose to catching it. Also, earlier, he ran off stage during a song, only to return with some sort of food/soup/yogurt in a styrofoam cup that he took a bite of and kept rapping. I am not making this up.

I danced my ass off and loved every second of it.

All in all, the race was a blast! I would definitely do it again, especially if the obstacles change from year to year.

Thanks, Hell Run!
Erica Shaun and Fuzzy at Hell Run Chicago Erica at Hell Run Chicago

(a few sidenotes: For the rest of the Hell Run tour, the performer was Tone Loc, also an awesome choice. Also, the 3 of us opted to forgo the "showers" [just 2 people with power nozzles on hoses] and we went to lunch covered in mud. It was awesome.)