TRIATHLON UPDATES! (updated!) (And then updated again)

If you want to follow Fuzzy and I along at home, or even come downtown to cheer us on on Sunday, here are some details that will come in handy:

My Bib # is 4525
Fuzzy's are
7496, 177, and 6286

Fuzzy will be starting in Wave 1 at 6am and again in wave 43 at 9:03am. He is doing the Triple, so he'll do the Sprint distance, then turn around and do the International Distance.
I'll be in Wave 31, so starting at 8:18am.  If you want to come down, you can watch the swim, portions of the run, and the finish. I am slow, so I am expecting to take 4 to 4.5 hours to complete the course. That will put me finishing approximately at 12:30pm. (sidenote: 12:30?! I will be READY for some LUNCH.) 

You can download an athlete tracker guide for your phone here.

Then I plan on doing nothing for the rest of Sunday and Monday until Apes. HOMESTRETCH!!!!! AHHHH!

UPDATE! Fuzzy has 3 numbers! 177, 6286, & 7496. We'll have more info on how to track on Friday!