"Many different colors, one size fits everybody."

We saw this guy selling umbrella hats in Andersonville a few weeks ago. And we just let him pass us by. I don't know why--we were both capitvated by him, and wanted a photo, but I guess let our shyness get the best of us. Once he was gone, I was instantly sad. A guy selling UMBRELLA HATS?!?! On the STREET?!! With this amazing rig of mannequin heads?! It was too good to be true. I wanted to support that business! It was just so sincere and sweet. He had a megaphone and kept repeating "Many different colors, one size fits everybody." in this way that melted my heart. It was a poor decision to let him go.

And then, a little while later, like a beacon in the night, like an oasis in the desert, like an umbrella hat selling man on a hot summers day, there he was again.

The Umbrella Hat Man in Andersonville


He was so cheerful, and said that he cleans up on Cubs game days and at hot summer festivals. His rig was amazing! 

The male mannequin head had a little stubble beard. Umbrella hats are for everyone!

Including this lady: 

Erica in her new umbrella hat