In One Week...

...I will be done with the Chicago Triathlon.

WHAT?! I am both really excited and nervous about the event. I know I can do it. I have determination. But I know it will be hard. Case in point--I have not yet biked for 2 hours, period. But I can do it, and I can be slow. I am not trying to win, I am just doing it because I want to prove to myself that I can. And cause now I know that I love it.

(As a reminder, I am doing the International Distance, which is double the distance that I did twice this year.)

RAM Racing posted this video from the South Shore Triathlon, and it just gives me chills. What a great day.  (Team Gerdes and Shaun are not in the video [at least, that I saw], but my trisuit friend is!)

Speaking of RAM Racing, on their blog, they said I was the best dressed runner at the Terrapin 5K!!

The award for best dressed of the #Rammies goes to Erica Reid of the weblog

And they linked to our podcast! Woo! Thanks, Charlie! You rock! Bob Weir appreciates you.

SO! Maybe I'll get in another bike, swim and ride this week, but if anything, I'll be doing my best next Sunday the 26th! I'll post my start-time here after I get it on Friday, so if anyone wants to follow me online or come cheer my tired ass on at the finish line, you are more than welcome to. And speaking of cheering on, Fuzzy and Shaun are HARDQORE ROCKING IT this year by doing the TRIPLE--the Supersprint on Saturday (which I am still sort of considering) and the Sprint AND International, one after another on Sunday. I am so amazed and inspired by them. I bet they'll even finish before me. :)

And then, when the triathlon is done, I will probably be the boringest person in the world. At least, I look forward to taking a little break. But not for long, as we are doing the Hell Run (Coolio is performing at the party! I like to think that this will be my celebratory post-tri event), and a few other 5Ks in September. And who knows, maybe I'll become one of those people who loves to run when it is cold outside. Oh, who am I kidding. I am freezing when it is 65 or cooler. I am a Mississippi girl, after all.