Gerdes Accomplishment Week: Day 3

Dining room cleanup started
Operation Re-Organize Art started
Shot some short film footage
Went to the beach and swam and played!
Ran errands.
Had a meeting.
Ate dinner out.

So I've not been as productive as I hoped I would so far this week, but I've had a GREAT time hanging out with Fuzzy, watching the Olympics, sleeping, and petting the cats. Oh man, when I get overwhelmed, all I do is go pet the cats over and over. And today we went to the beach, which I have no idea why I don't do more often. It was so fun! We live 3 blocks away! I think the fact that the water is warmer this year makes it even more enticing. I'll definitely be back soon.

Tomorrow is the Terrapin 5K! I can't wait. I'll be running it as none other than...Bob Weir! Get ready for some kickass photos (I hope!)