And So It Begins...Again...for the Seventh Time

Impress These Apes July 23, 2012

April May rocking some hot Skrillex opening dance action.  Photo by the lovely Elizabeth McQuern

We opened Season 7 of Impress These Apes! last night! The contestants are all amazing, and their songs about their best friends were so touching and sweet.

It's so funny how easily slipping into this show can be. Sure, it takes a LOT of work on the production side of things, and takes a LOT of staff to run smoothly (8 contestants, 4 apes, 2 hosts, 2 camera people, 2 tech people, 2 liasons, and 1 photographer), but we've gotten everything down to a science over the years, so it just feels RIGHT. I love that.

One of my favorite moments of the show last night, is my favorite every season. The entire audience sang along to Apes for the Memories (our closing song), knowing every word, while the 8 new contestants sat there looking confused. Classic.

7 more weeks to go!