Fear Faced!

I biked today! Outside! My first road biking since my crash last June. I was terrified at first--really wobbly and scared, but then, as Fuzzy said, it was "just like riding a bike" and I got comfortable on it very quickly. Fuzzy, Shaun, and I biked down the bike path to Addison and back--about a 7 mile ride round trip. It felt great! Well, it was really cold, but it felt great nonetheless.

In other Working It Out News-
I've gotten off my game lately, because I've been so busy. I've put on some weight, and not committed to multiple workouts a week. Well, now I'm in hardcore training mode, so I can't afford the take many days off. The triathlon is August 26th! Here's the report this week:

Monday 4/30--27 minute run with Andrea
Tuesday 5/1--hour long private Pilates session. It was awesome and made my calves HURT.
Wednesday 5/2--28 minute run with Brandi
Saturday 5/5--40 minute bike ride

And tomorrow, CHEEROBIX! I can't WAIT!