A Lyrical Breakdown of Lana Del Rey's Debut Album 'Born to Die'

Lana Del Rey has had a lot of controversy surrounding her since her big emergence on the music scene. I personally don't care about her name, her lips, or her SNL performance--I don't need to know about the personal lives of artists that I enjoy. I want to judge an artist on the product and art that they produce. The first time I heard Video Games, I swooned--I was instantly captivated by it. I downloaded her album, and then listened to it on repeat for days. I am mesmerized by it--I love every song on the album, and could listen to it every day. I love everything about it. Team Lana!

Since I've had multiple listens, I've noticed a lot of themes and similarities in the lyrics to her songs. I decided to break these all down and list the things that seem to be on her mind the most. I have NOT included anything about love or sex, since 98% of all songs are about that. My breakdown is based on the non-deluxe 12 song edition. Key below.

Death/ Dying/ Being Dead: 8 out of 12 songs (BTD, OTTR, BJ, NA, DP, R, C, TWMG)
Dresses/ Sundresses: 5 of 12 songs (OTTR, VG, NA, C, SS)
Drugs: 5 of 12 songs (BTD, OTTR, DMD, NA,TWMG)
Alcohol: 5 of 12 songs (OTTR, VG, NA, C, TWMG)
Makeup/Perfume (Mascara, lipstick, etc): 5 of 12 songs (OTTR, VG, NA, C, TWMG)
The word "Honey": 4 of 12 songs (BTD, VG, MDM, SS)
Rain/ Submersion: 4 of 12 songs (BTD, OTTR, DP, R)
Being Crazy: 3 of 12 songs: (BTD, OTTR, MDM)
Being a Child: 3 of 12 songs (BTD, OTTR, TWMG)
Hair: 2 of 12 songs (NA, TWMG)
Beauty Queens: 2 of 12 songs (SS, TWMG)
Bikinis: 2 of 12 songs (OTTR, TWMG)
Coney Island: 2 of 12 songs (OTTR, C)

So there you have it. Mostly, her songs are about death or dying. And 2 of her videos have her being held all drapey-like by that tattooed guy. Some might call her music Sadcore, but I am going to call it Lady Emo. (sidenote: I just did a google image search for Lady Emo--why do those girls all have the same haircut?). I'm curious to see where Lana's next album takes us. I know she has a million more songs that didn't make it on this album--a quick youtube search shows you that--but will she stay in this world, or move onto something else? Either way, I look forward to listening to it! Yeah!

Song Key:  Born to Die (BTD), Off to the Races (OTTR), Blue Jeans (BJ), VIdeo Games (VG), Diet Mountain Dew (DMD), National Anthem (NA), Dark Paradise (DP), Radio (R), Carmen (C), Million Dollar Man (MDM), Summertime Sadness (SS), This is What Makes Us Girls (TWMG)