We'll miss you, Sherman

Our sweet little betta fish, General Sherman, passed away yesterday. He made it a really long time-- About 2 and a half years! He was a good friend. He had some ups and downs over the years, but finally just got too old, the sweet little guy. He was a great member of the family: Fuzzy and I talked to him all the time, I said goodbye and goodnight to him every day, and we'd often be like "Sherman! Get over here on the couch!" We included him in our family New Years card.  It's going to be hard to break the habit of looking over at him and checking on him every time I enter the living room.


I wanted him to have a dignified burial, so Fuzzy made him a little tiny coffin so we could bury him in our little non-yard out back.

Tiny Coffin

Poor little sad Fuzzy. He's a champ for taking care of him last night and throughout the years.

Sad Fuzzy

Fuzzy wrote a nice eulogy for him here.


Two Other Things That Made Me Cry Yesterday

Animal Planet's new show Too Cute.  As if watching an hour of tiny baby squeaking kittens be born, learn to walk, hunt, etc, isn't enough to make you cry (and it is), they end the episodes with showing the families who are adopting the kittens and giving updates about their lives in their new homes. I blubber like no one's business.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. This animated short just won an Academy Award. You can see why. It is beautiful and touching and just...wonderful. Download it on iTunes. (sidenote: Go Louisiana!)