Warm Your Heart 5K

Yesterday, Fuzzy, Shaun and I ran the Warm Your Heart 5K, Chicago's first indoor 5K at McCormick Place. It was a super cold day yesterday, so I was happy to be able to run indoors.  I was also stoked--it was my first attempt at running a 5K since my accident last July. I suited up with my "robot knee" and was ready for the challenge. At the starting line, Fuzzy and Shaun moved up to the 9 minute mile pace group, and I decided that I was a best fit in the 11 minute mile group. I put some Soundgarden on my ipod, and took off. The race was set in McCormick's huge convention halls, with the route taped off in sort of a zig zag pattern. The lanes were super wide, so it was nice to run and not be crowded with other runners, and it was so nice to not be FREEZING cold (granted, I was cold for most of the race, and sweaty, which made me colder, but I was rocking my tank top.)  The first 2 miles were great--I maintained an 11 minute mile pace, but I don't quite have my stamina where I want it to be, so that last mile was really hard and I had to walk every now and again. I saw Fuzzy and Shaun in their homestretch right before I got to my 2 mile marker, so I got to cheer for them. When they finished, they came and found me, and so that kept me accountable, too--I wanted to make Fuzzy proud! I tried to only walk for minute long stretches, and I ran the homestretch in as fast as I could. I am happy to report that my knee did great! It only had a few twinges and today is feeling great! I just need to keep pushing myself, keep working out, and keep listening to my body. Today I am really sore, but I like that feeling. I am really proud of myself!

Warm Your Heart 5K - Erica!

(This is me giving Fuzzy thumbsup for almost being finished! It might not look like I was running here, but I was.)

I am also really proud of Fuzzy! He beat his personal record, finishing the race in about 28 minutes! Go Fuzzy go!

Here are my offical results:

Time: 37:42
Pace: 12:10
Overall place: 1456 / 1778
Place in division (F, 30-34): 165/ 218