Go Go Go

With 7 months to go til the big triathlon, I've started getting my training on. I'll post some progress and stuff here, but I don't want to bore anyone with running stats and blah blah. But I will say that I started swimming again last week (the lifeguard gave me a hard time about only swimming while training for something, but she was sweet about it and asked when I would be back) and I did 25 laps in a half hour. Not bad for my first swim since August! My shoulders/ uppper arms were hella sore the next day. And I am back running again! I am scheduled for a 5k at the end of February, and my goal is to be able to run the whole thing. Fuzzy and I tried to run last Saturday, but it was too damn cold, so it was a big disaster for me. This week has been a lot warmer, thank goodness, so I ran 20 minutes on Monday with a quick break halfway through. Today, I ran for 27 minutes (yay 7 more!) but with little breaks of 30 seconds or a minute every 6-9 minutes (I would stop the running clock--I only counted time that I was actually RUNNING). From my rough Google Maps calculations, it looks like I ran about 2.8 miles, but that seems like too much for the time that I was running. Hmmm.  It was a little too cold for me, though---45 might sound warm (that's the most midwestern sentence I have ever written), but it is hella cold when you are a dummy and left your gloves and hat at home. But it was lot easier today--I just kept trying to think "lighter lighter lighter" cause this week I am an exhausted heavy slug of a person due to lady cycle things--gotta love it (not.) I am going to try to swim once or twice a week, too, so I am going back on my lunch break tomorrow.  The biking...well, thats going to be the hard part. Getting up to 25 miles? Yeesh. So I HAVE to start getting some bike training time in a few times a week to make it not be so hard. Will keep you posted.

My hardqore amazing husband has signed up for The Triple this year: the Super Sprint, Sprint, and International. DAMN! Go Fuzzy Go!

Also! Today's running soundtrack was Radiohead's The Bends. So great. I am seeing Radiohead for the 3rd time in March (Fuzzy's 1st!) and I can't wait!

Song of the day: Just. One of the greatest and creepiest videos ever made:

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