Fuzzy the Tri-Triathlete!

On Sunday, Fuzzy completed his THIRD International Distance triathlon!! That's 4x the distance I did on Saturday. He is so amazing! We started the day at 4am, and he rocked it out from start to finish. You can read his round-up here!  Here are some photos!

Fuzzy and Shaun ready for the Triathlon

Fuzzy and Shaun, pre-race, looking adorable. Fuzzy trimmed his hair and beard for the event.

Fuzzy getting into his wetsuit

Ready to swim!

Fuzzy swimming


Fuzzy swimming

Go go go!

Fuzzy swimming

Lookin Good!

Shaun exiting the swim

Shaun, post swim. He zoomed through the water!

Fuzzy and Shaun start the run

Fuzzy and Shaun running!

Fuzzy finishes

Almost done!

Fuzzy, finisher


I saw a lot of my friends there, who were amazing and did the Sprint!

Roger, Holly, Scot, Kat, and Erin

Roger, Holly, Scot, Kat and Erin!

Jon Forsythe

Jon completed his 2nd Tri!


Here is Jess, whom I referenced before--she did 3 triathlons in 2 weeks!


Ryan, whom I made the Triathlon 2011 pact with. He did great!