Oh man, y'all. Mutha Effing Soundgarden! I can't believe I've seen them twice now in a year! They played a long time, and played a lot of old stuff, and it was just incredible. Chris Cornell had a beard now (purrrr) and said that they are working on a new album. Hooray! They played all their greatest songs, and some lesser known songs that I never thought I would hear live. I mean, really, Chris Cornell is the epitome of a rock can't get any better, in my opinion.

I got to experience the show with my lovies, Hanson and Hovde. Here are some photos!

Megan is serious, and Rebecca is pleased.

Megan and Rebecca contemplate the awesomeness ahead of them.

 Hanson and I rock out!

Rocking out!

Excited faces!


Megan, Rebecca and I are ready to ROCK

For those about to rock...




Oh man, this photo gives me chills!


This is blurry, but awesome.


Even small and blurry, Chris Cornell looks good.

Chris Cornell

Coming over to the side near us.

Half of Hanson, Hovde, and me, post show

Feeling good before the encore!

Me, in the glow

In the glow!