Just Call Me Dara Torres*

I feel like a badass today!

I knew I needed to go swimming today, and I wasn't super jazzed about it. But I didn't allow myself to stall or talk myself out of it, and instead I just went without thinking. The pool was a little more crowded than normal--who knew Friday was such a big a swim day?--and the lifeguard/swim instructor on duty said I could sneak between these 2 older gents that were sharing a lane to start. After a little while, it thinned out, and by the time I left, there was only me and one other person in the pool.

I think the last time I lap swam, I was pleased with my 25 laps...

AND TODAY I DID 40** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY MOLES!! I just was just doing the conversions of distance (my pool is 25 yards long), and my triathlon distance is .75K, or 820ish yards. My swim today was 1.8K, or 2000 yards! That is WAY over my distance! WOW! I am super proud of myself!

Other noteworthy things:

*Up until today, I have varied my strokes. After swimming in the lake on Sunday, I realized that nothing but the front stroke works. So today I did only that. 
*I've gotten way better at breathing and hitting a rhythm.
*I tried to not allow myself to stop or rest that much, as I won't be able to, really, in the lake.
*I found the best ear plugs that work for me. The other ones I had been using hurt a lot, so the softies are better. I also am a nerd with a noseplug, goggles and a swimcap. Sexxxy!
*The lifeguard/swim instructor said I did a great job! She's been watching me swim over the weeks, so that is a nice complement.
*Sometimes she coaches the other triathletes that train there,*** and I will watch for a second and then try out what she is showing them.
*Today was my easiest swim yet. I'm getting stronger!

This is my power song for the week, and I ran it in my head the entire time I was swimming:


* Dara Torres is a badass swimmer.
** Or more--it is hard for me to keep track of what lap I am on, so I have to concentrate on it a lot. Whenever I would lose count, I would go to the lowest number that I remembered doing.
*** One guy has an Iron Man tattoo.