Please Help My Dance Studio

This week, we got this letter (below) from Joel Hall, the Artistic Director of the Joel Hall Dancers & Center where I take class. Usually, I feel weird asking for donations for things other than cancer research, but JHDC has really changed my life. I have found so much love and joy in myself and dancing again, and it was the first step I took towards getting fit and doing things for ME. I feel so invigorated after each class, and I can tell that I am really getting stronger and improving. I also feel like I am a small part of the family now, too, as I feel I have friends at the studio in my teachers and fellow dancers. The classes at JHDC have really brought me so much joy--I do not want them to be taken away.

Fuzzy and I have donated a small amount--every bit helps! If you would like to help out as well, please click here. Thank you so much!

From Joel Hall:

Dear Friends,

The Joel Hall Dancers & Center is facing an urgent crisis. Revenues are not meeting expenses. During the current economic downturn, we've kept tuition at reasonable rates and continue extensive scholarship outreach to underserved communities. At the same time, grants have become much more difficult to obtain.

We--the entire JHDC community--are in danger of losing our home. This is truly a crisis and your help is needed--immediately! We must raise thousands of dollars in very few days.

For over 36 years I, along with generations of students, parents, a dedicated staff, faculty, board of directors and other companies in residence, have lovingly struggled to create the most welcoming and creative performing arts space in Chicago. Now, we are calling on each of you--current students, alumni, friends and those who cherish the art of dance and community--to donate.

The urgency is not exaggerated. Significant funds must be quickly raised. Donate whatever you can. Forward this appeal to friends, family, your place of employment--to everyone--along with a message letting them know the impact JHDC has made on your life.

Senior leadership is formulating a plan for sustainability to ensure that we do not find ourselves in this type of crisis situation again. Our old strategies will not work in this current economic environment. Please understand, tuition, ticket sales, and fundraising activities do not cover all of our expenses and funding for the arts has been dramatically reduced. We are owed money by the state but don't know when or if we might receive it.

Any amount you can give is appreciated. Checks cash and credit cards are happily accepted. The easiest way to donate is by using PayPal, available through a link on the JHDC website at You may also mail a donation or stop by in-person:
Joel Hall Dancers & Center
5965 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60660

Help now so the Joel Hall Dancers & Center can continue to thrive--and exist--with integrity. Please make your tax deductible contribution TODAY!
Very truly yours,
Joel Hall
Artistic Director
Joel Hall Dancers & Center