Blewt! Year End Roundup

The end of the year is always a good time for Blewt! Productions when all the year-end reviews come out. Fortunately, this year is no exception!

We were listed in the Top 10 best things to happen to Chicago Comedy in this decade by Time Out Chicago:

"Top moments that cracked us up--and changed Chicago comedy" 2004 A group of Chicago writers and comics forms Blewt! Productions, which creates long-running comic faves Don't Spit the Water and Impress These Apes.

They also predicted that in 2010 we'll get our own network TV show:

Our funny predictions for comedy in 2010
6. Impress These Apes will become a smash network-TV game show. Soon every kid in America will be wanting Captain Apehab, Barry Shirley and Bushmeat dolls.

And Apes was listed in the best comedy moments of the year:

Best Peter Boyle impression
It wasn't just our simian friends whom contestant Chad Briggs won over week after week in season four of the futuristic game show Impress These Apes. We, too, were mesmerized by the local stand-up, who was crowned Least Pitiful Human at ComedySportz this fall. Our favorite moment? Briggs as Peter Boyle having a conversation with a carton of eggs: a funny, oddly endearing tribute to a departed comic actor with Chicago roots.

All three of those were written by Jason A. Heidemann. Thanks, Jason!

In PerformInk's Year In Review, Nina Metz included us in some of her favorites of the year:

Small and Intimate Make Theatre Better Second City is a safe bet when you have visitors in town, but the really intriguing comedy--comedy that hasn't had its edges buffed down--tends to happen elsewhere, including i.O. (where those same Second City cast members frequently perform after hours). And pound for pound, Impress These Apes is still the show the beat in terms of originality and offbeat humor.

Thanks, Nina!