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Ramble Ramble

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Oh boy am I tired.

We've moved into our new apartment, and it is AWESOME. We really feel at home here, and it has only been a week. It is much bigger than our old place, has a sunroom that the cats love, in unit laundry which we love, and cheaper rent. We still have to get a lot of stuff out of our old place and do lots of cleaning, but it shouldn't be too hard. Then we will start the task of purging, and purge purge purge.

DADA is going great--we've gotten TONS of great press and Flutter's face has been in a number of different Chicago publications. I love everything about the show--the cast & crew (who are all amazing people--I love them all), the show itself, the audience response. It has been really good therapy for me and a huge challenge, and I am so so proud of all the work that has gone into it and the finished product. If you live in Chicago and haven't yet seen it, I highly recommend that you do, and I would be telling you this even if I weren't in the show.

My knees, however, do not love the show. Nor do my hips and shoulders. But tough "S" for now, knees, hips, and can rest in November.

Impress these Apes was a huge hit and we had a blowout of a final show. Fuzzy did a great job in the run and I am so proud of him--I know how hard that show is to do. All the contestants were so unique and so interesting to watch. I love the Blewt guys and their brilliant minds...

DSTW is going to be in Arlington Heights for the next 8 weeks. I will do the final 3 shows after DADA closes and a quick trip to MS. Should be fun!

Christopher and Katie are now homeowners! Congrats, guys! I cannot wait to see the place. I am thinking about you.

Congrats to all my friends with babies on the way! 5 close friends of mine are all growing little nuggets of soon-to-be adorableness.

Yay to the reccent engageys, too! Wink wink!

Dad is doing pretty ok these days, and that is nice. He has to go back to work at the start of October in order to keep his insurance, and personally, that really pisses me off. I hope that it will be easy on him and give him more and more energy to keep healing. Mom is a total rockstar for taking care of him and the memaws and keeping an even keel--now if only she would go to the doctor for her hip...

Well, it has been an hour since my show ended tonight, and that means my body is about to give up for the evening, so I think I am going to reward myself with a nice bath. Much much love to everyone reading this, and I hope I can see you all soon.