The Bottom Line #3-The Continental

The Bottom Line #3-The Continental
2801 W. Chicago Avenue



I just went to The Continental for the first time last week, and I was instantly sad that it was so far away from my house. As much as I love a good dive bar, it was refreshing to have a drink in a clean, beautiful, and sleek lounge. And with every drink comes a couple trips to the ole restroom. So how does it measure up? First of all, I loved the choice of wall color-it was very warm and inviting, a welcome change to the cold, sterile do-your-business-and-get-out that a lot of bars have. It was very clean, but that could be because I was there at 7:30pm (the bar is open till 4am), and though there were no "extras,' there was a lovely chandelier. There were 2 stalls, each with a sort of a saloon door, so that means less "I just had a lot of beer" waiting (yay!) that might result in the doors being cracked open if you improperly "just had a lot of beer" locked it (boo.)
Cleanliness: 4
Amenities: 0
Overall: 3
But maybe I should take the trek over to check it out when it is more 'used.'