June 2006 Archives

Just thinking...


So what is going on with me? Lets take a look:
1. Our wedding is next month! Everything is so wonderful and really coming together. I am so excited!
2. Fuzzy is the most amazing and wonderful and perfect man in the whole universe and I have absolutely no clue how he managed to fall in love with someone so totally cracked out and wacked in the head. And Fuzzy continues to amaze me every single day. And the more cracked out I am, the more wonderful he is. I am honestly the luckiest woman in the world. For real. I am so in love.
3. I quit one job, am currently working at a temp one, and am about to start one working in a Chocolate Shop! Then post-wedding, I am going to try the whole audition thing again for some paid work. And do more choreography.
4. My awesome brother and sister-in-law are in Africa this month doing wonderful things and being wonderful. I honestly believe that they are going to Save The World.
5. Sara and Erik's baby is coming really soon! Yay!
6. Jessica is getting married next week!
7. Mom and Dad are rockstars and are fighting all of their adversity with grace and Faith and a PUA (positive upbeat attitude). They are my heroes.
8. The cats are precious.
9. We have crummy neighbors.
10. I have a lot of amazing friends. I am so lucky to be around so many wonderful and creative people.
11. I am behind on many things and may not catch up.
12. I want to purge a lot of my past before I signify the beginning of the next phase.
13. I feel older now than I ever have. Turning 27 really was a change for me. I love feeling more adult, but I want to shed myself of the younger things. I am really excited about the future and the newness of it all. I cannot wait to be married.

I think that is all from me today. Tune in again in a couple months to see what I have to say then.
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